Our Clergy

Fr. Jordan Bradshaw, O.P - Director

Fr. Jordan Bradshaw, OP, grew up in Southern Arizona, the eldest and favorite of three children, born to Charles and Elvia Bradshaw. His sisters, Rachelle and Melissa, have not forgiven their parents because of this.

His favorite animal is the Wildcat, and he entered the University of Arizona for the sole reason that it was their mascot. He also likes other animals: dogs, ravens, and eagles. He has a hard time believing God created spiders. ... continue reading

You can reach Fr. Jordan through email at FrJordan@uwnewman.org

Fr. Marcin Szymanski, O.P. - Associate Director

Fr. Marcin Szymański O.P. (both name and surname rather unpronounceable but you can try with “Marchin,’ like marching, without the g…), a native of Poland, joined the staff in the Summer of 2015.

During high-school he started attending Dominican Youth Ministry in his native Warsaw. He liked it so much that he joined the Dominican Friars just after the high school at the age of 19. During his studies for a year lived in Dublin, Ireland. He returned to Ireland after his ordination, to serve the Polish community in Ireland. In 2013 he was moved to Seattle, where he served as Associate Pastor at our Blessed Sacrament Parish. From there he slowly crept into the Newman Center, and he is excited to begin his ministry here!

Fr. Marcin likes hiking, books, games (computer, board, card etc.).

You can reach Fr. Marcin through email at FrMarcin@uwnewman.org

Permanent Staff

Judy Allvin - Administrator

The Allvin family has ministered in various capacities where ever they settled. Whether in Hawaii or Arizona or Seattle, they always kept close to the Church. Serving at the Newman Center is just another manifestation of a common family trait. With a background in art and design, Judy brings a wealth of talent and an always fresh look to the ministry. Although much of her work involves phones and scheduling, you will also find Judy creating displays, decorating worship space, helping with retreats, entertaining guests and a world of other efforts that affect the entire community. ... continue reading

You can reach Judy through email at Judy@uwnewman.org for general information, calendaring, scheduling Mass intentions, and most anything!

Dayn Warren, '04 - Development Director

Dayn was born at Overlake hospital in Bellevue and was raised in Kirkland, North Bend, Bellevue (Crossroads) and Snohomish. He grew up in a family of Husky Fans and alumni, but never thought he would go to college, opting instead to do youth ministry and international missions. After 6 years post high school of doing just that in the US, Canada, Mexico, Nepal, Thailand and the Phillippines, an unforeseen event in Sept. 2001 sent him from living in Hawaii back to Seattle with an opportunity to pursue higher education. ... continue reading

You can reach Dayn through email at Dayn@uwnewman.org for help fulfilling your philanthropic dreams!

Bayli Hochstein, '13 - Campus Minister

Though born in Texas, Bayli Hochstein grew up in the small town of Deming, Washington (just East of Bellingham) with her parents and two siblings. As a middle child, Bayli often found herself wanting to stand out; her brother was a hard act to follow! She became very active in extracurriculars throughout junior and senior high school - participating in fastpitch, basketball, choirs, musicals, Honor Society, FFA, and even attending Philips Exeter Academy during the summer.

However, it wasn’t until she became fully active in her youth group at St. Joseph in Ferndale that she felt at peace. ...continue reading

You can reach Bayli through email at Bayli@uwnewman.org to get involved in the ministry! Sign up for a retreat, join a small group, and consider serving on the Student Ministry Team.

Amira Davis, '11 - Programs Coordinator

More info on Amira coming soon!. ... continue reading

Are you interested in joining our Grad and Young Professionals group, Frassati? Click on this link here!

You can reach Amira via email here.

Shannon Crowley - Administrative Assistant

More info on Shannon coming soon...... continue reading

You can reach Shannon through email at Shannon@uwnewman.org for calendaring and help updating your gift schedule.

Peer Ministers 2015-2016

(From Left to Right): Nathaniel Clemen, Karen Marcjan, Alejandra Barajas, Signe Hochstein, Teresa Hoang, Brady Thompson

Connect with all six of them at peerministers@uwnewman.org