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The Newman Center is a 100+ year-old Catholic ministry to the University of Washington, and the fifth oldest of its kind in the US (there are about 250 Newman Centers in the US).  Run by Dominicans of the Western Province, our mission is to serve the Catholic students and community of the University of Washington by offering them a home away from home, an oasis of faith, where our members can grow into the faithful future leaders of our Church and world.  By complementing the secular education of the university, we help to form the whole person: mind and soul.

It’s sometimes hard to watch your child head off to college, and there are always questions lingering about what they might encounter while away.  But don’t worry!  You faithfully prepared them, and Newman is here for you now!

Inspired by our patron, Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman, we help students to take the faith, values, and lessons you instilled in them, and fold them into their own unique adult Catholic identity.  In doing so, they come to embrace their faith as their own, learn that God has meaning in their own lives, that their Catholic faith is relevant, and that God has called them to a special purpose in the world.

We use a straightforward strategy of engagement and integration to connect with students when they arrive, and progressively encourage them to draw deeper into their faith and the activities of the ministry.  Ultimately, they are inspired to enter their future parish and faithfully give back – time, talent, and treasure - as an active member of their community.

Students find God and feel comfortable engaging their faith in many different ways.  Often times, it’s not an overt method that gets them to consider coming to Church.  That’s why we train student leaders to help run the ministry, and offer a diverse range of programs and services to give students a variety of windows and doors into the ministry: life changing retreats, sports, community service projects, evangelization, lectures and education events, dances and parties, freshmen group, multicultural events, Bible studies, dorm activities, and of course, the Sacraments – just to name a few!

The transformation in students we witness every year here at the Newman Center is humbling, and we thank God for the many blessings he gives our community.  There are countless stories of students turning from addiction, depression, fear, loneliness, and - in many cases, most importantly – apathy, to realize God’s love and power in their lives.  They in turn pass on their experience to the next class of students; and in doing so guide each other through the challenging years of college in faith and love.

If you’d like to learn more about the Newman Center, considering reading about our history, student leaders, and student council.  Or, take a look at one of our recent newsletters or photo albums.

If you’d like to help support us in our ongoing mission to form the faithful future leaders of our Church and world, please consider registering to stay connected, and please prayerfully consider making a generous financial gift or joining our Living Faith Society.  Every dollar makes a difference in our ability to bring quality Catholic programs and services to the students.  We truly appreciate your support and prayers.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our staff.