I'm a Community Member

As a community member, you make up the backbone of the Newman Center’s support structure.  A ministry of Blessed Sacrament Parish, and with a student population of about 80%-90%, we rely on the support, prayers, involvement, and generosity of our permanent community members to give energy and leadership to our mission.  Strong role models from our graduates, alumni, and permanent community members help young Catholics grow into faithful leaders of the future.

Community members are in a position to be a part of a unique and transformative experience for young people.  Immersed in a student atmosphere of questioning and growth, community members pass on their invaluable lessons, experience, and faith through participation in, and support of, councils, retreats, education events, socials, after Mass activities, graduation networking and much more.  By simply being present and interacting with students, you give them insight into the joy and peace that a lifelong faith will bring them.  That gift is invaluable and inspiring.  Be sure to register so you can stay up to date on all the ways to get involved.

If you’d like to get more involved, consider serving on a council, volunteering on a community service project, making a donation, or contacting a staff member to learn about other opportunities.