Alumni Profiles

Khoi Che

"Superman," "the new Chuck Norris," "the next Pope": all three are names used by the Newman community to describe Khoi Che. These nicknames have not been given lightly—instead, they've been earned by this man loved by all. ... continue reading

(Article from the Summer 2010 Newsletter.)

John and Lisa Brondello

John, Lisa, and their four children--Maria, 13, Johnny, 11, Anthony, 8, and Julia, 5--are some of the most fun-loving people you'll ever meet. Devoted Catholics and die-hard Huskies, the Brondellos are a part of Newman's glory resurgent years of the 1990s that helped shape and build the foundation for our great ministry today. ... continue reading

(Article from the Winter 2010 Newsletter.)

Tisa Escobar

Tisa is always smiling. And she's always asking to help. Chances are, if you've attended a Newman event in the last fifteen years, you've met Tisa. She's one of those people that just can't be idle, and she certainly can't sit back if someone's in need. Her love of her faith and her insatiable desire to help are an inspiration. ... continue reading

(Article from the Summer 2009 Newsletter.)

Duane and Agnes Anstett

Sixty-seven years of marriage and nearly 100 years of life; everything about the Anstetts is inspiring. They're two of the most genuine, soft spoken, and kind people you've ever met, and listening to them share their life story makes you feel like you're watching a classic romance movie of the 1950s. ... continue reading

(Article from the Winter 2009 Newsletter.)

Ruth and Denis Hayner

When Ruth and Denis Hayner's son moved to Seattle to attend graduate school at the University of Washington, they decided to forgo their East Coast life to be near him and his family. They began attending the Newman Center back when Fr. Tom DeMann presided from the infamous frat house, and though their son eventually moved away from Seattle and the Center, Ruth and Denis stayed. ... continue reading

(Article from the Fall 2008 Newsletter.)

Pat and Margaret Sullivan

Pat and Margaret Sullivan are familiar faces at the UW Newman Center. As permanent Newman community members, they've been around for awhile, Margaret since 1989 and Pat since 1990. Pat is a carpenter and works for a remodeler as well as does custom cabinets and furniture (next time you see him, thank him for building the altar and choir platforms). Margaret is an insurance broker. Here is their Newman story: ... continue reading

(Article from the Winter 2008 Newsletter.)

Father Frank Schuster

Father Frank Schuster was appointed to serve as pastor of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta Church in Woodinville starting July 1, 2007. Ordained to the presbyterate in 1999, Fr. Frank has served the Archdiocese of Seattle for 8 years, as a campus minister, parochial vicar, and pastor in Bellingham, WA. He attended the University of Washington and the Newman Center from 1990 to 1994, graduating with a degree in psychology, and received his Masters in Divinity and Licentiate in Sacred Theology at Mundelein Seminary in Illinois. ... continue reading

(Article from the Fall 2007 Newsletter.)